Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – February 2011

Getting Buy-In for Online Marketing
As a marketer, you already know the value of digital marketing but sometimes the final decision is up to someone else. Larger organizational structure typically means more departments and people you have to coordinate with to get the job done. Adding one more task to their plates may seem like a lot to ask of people that barely have time as it is. Proving value with high-level numbers and showing everyone how they can be the star are the first and foremost strategy.

Get Social with E-mail and Get Better Results
Social media is so much more than raising imaginary baby ocelots, following celebrities, and keeping tabs on your family and friends. It has now become a trusted form of communication. Almost nine out of ten Americans online use social media sites or services and businesses have started to pick up on this growing trend. Many are now using social media to promote their latest products and services.

True Life: The Search Alliance Killed My Conversion Rate
Feel like your results after the Yahoo! and Microsoft search merger are far less favorable than you expected? You are not alone! Many advertisers are seeing less traffic and fewer conversions in Microsoft than they had been seeing in their Yahoo! accounts. Forums are popping up right and left with unhappy advertisers sharing their problems.

Hook, Line and Sinker: Grabbing the Attention of Your Online Customers with Video
Your customers won’t stay on your site if you don’t do this to them. Great speakers are able to cast a hook with the bait their audiences want to hear and engage them in any topic. But they have an advantage – most of their audience isn’t going anywhere. You, however, have to find a way to keep your customers from clicking away from your website. How, you may ask? One way is by providing a creative video that captures and maintains their attention.

What SEOs Can Learn from the Great Eyewear Fiasco of 2010
The New York Times recently featured a fascinating story about Vitaly Borker, the owner of What makes Borker unusual is his SEO strategy of generating negative online reviews by treating his customers poorly. What are we supposed to make of the story? Has Borker found an amazing SEO loophole or is he just an angry man with a crazy idea?

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