Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – February 2010

Online Conversions and Google Analytics Custom Reporting
Google Analytics is a very robust and flexible analytics tool that simply helps us do our job better. We have worked with a number of different analytics packages over the years, but Google’s tool continues to support and enhance the tracking capabilities for our client’s websites.

Creative Link Building: It’s Not All About You
As the SEO industry continues to explode, webmasters and site owners are becoming more savvy to linking strategies and are less likely to just give a link away. Developing link bait that will educate readers and provide additional resources can lead to more opportunity for quality links.

Apple’s iPad Leaves Flash in the Rearview, as Well as Many Potential Buyers
Contrary to what the original iPad video promotion initially promised, Apple’s iPad will not support Flash content, consequently leaving behind many potential consumers of Steve Jobs’ wireless touch-screen tablet.

Three Reasons Fathom is an Industry Leader in PPC [VIDEO]
Discover three reasons why Fathom is an industry leader in Pay Per Click Advertising. Find out how we can deliver highly profitable results for your company today.

Email Marketing: You Only Pay for Results [VIDEO]
Fathom is a top online marketing firm that specializes in Performance Based Email Marketing. View our video to find out why our expertise allows you to only pay for results.

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