Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – December 2009

3 Common Mistakes to Become a Pay-Per-Click Loser
If you are a smart business person, your goal should be to maximize your total profit dollars, not just your profit margins. So if you have a Return on Advertising Spend of 400%, and your are breaking even with a Return on Advertising Spend of 150%, it would make sense to bid on more keywords that may not be as profitable but will still yield Return on Advertising Spend in excess of 300%. This gives you more total profit dollars.

15 Online Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
Online marketers have a ton of choices to make with their websites. Here are 15 tips that can help with rankings, traffic and conversions.

A/B Testing Your Way to Email Success
You should always A/B test your emails. A different subject line could increase your open rates by 5%. Moving the position of your call-to-action could get you 20% more clicks. And which day of the week you send your campaigns could increase your sales by 70%. I have seen it all happen!

This Year, Put Content on Your Holiday Wish List
Content is King. This all-too-familiar mantra may seem a bit clichéd, but those well-versed in the language of search engine optimization know that its message holds true. Quality content is your website’s key to attracting visitors and increasing search engine rankings.

Blu-Ray Quality Online
It was only a matter of time before online video started matching up with the quality of HD cable. YouTube had waited years after the wide-spread proliferation of HD to even start offering higher-quality non-HD video, so it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if YouTube had stayed at the 720p mark for at least another year. But YouTube wasn’t content to ride along with the rest of the pack. In mid-November it went beyond 720p – and right past 1080i – straight to 1080p.

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