Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – August 2011

Go Mobile With Your Pay-Per-Click Ads
Microsoft has predicted that by 2014, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop. The time is now to maximize your mobile campaigns, and both Google and Bing are evolving to help you achieve better ROI.

6 Huge Google Changes That Affect You
A leadership shuffle at Google has catalyzed a host of big changes in the way it delivers search results and the products Google offers. We’ve summarized the six biggest shifts for you in this must-read article.

B2B Video Marketing Strategy
You’ve seen the success that B2C companies like Old Spice and Geico have had with video marketing. Think your B2B business can’t leverage video the way these B2C giants do? We think otherwise.

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List
Think growing your opt-in list has to be a huge chore? Try these five quick wins to get more sign-ups out of your current interactions with customers.

Getting Buy-In for SEO
Is your boss not sold on SEO yet? Show her the value of this tried-and-true Internet marketing stalwart with these killer arguments.

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