Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – August 2010

ROI & Online Marketing: Sink or Swim – Tips to Stay Afloat in the Black
So many websites rush into flashy intros, sexy graphics, keyword stuffing, bidding on competitors’ terms, and sending out newsletters – whether newsworthy or not. Does your site suffer from a bloated diet of implementation without strategic planning?

The Importance of Landing Pages for Your PPC Campaigns
Too frequently PPC campaigns are sent to pages within a client’s website that are missing the key elements necessary for a user to complete a desired action or goal. In addition, pages within your website tend to be content-heavy to help you rank organically.

2 Ways Email Can Increase Your Revenue
Your subscribers are talking, but are you listening? Segmenting and learning from your subscribers is crucial to your success. It will not only help you create better email campaigns, it will help you focus your marketing program as a whole.

A Magic Bullet for SEO: Guest Blog Posts
After years of doing SEO for clients and personal projects, I’m familiar with dozens of different tactics to help websites rank higher in the search engines for targeted keyword phrases. Onsite content optimization, link building, social media, article marketing – all of it can be effective in sending more organic traffic to a website. But there’s one SEO strategy that, in my experience, consistently outperforms all of the rest.

Nonprofits Reach Audiences with Internet Video
With dwindling donations in tough economic times, and even volunteerism down due to less free time for working adults, agencies across the country are discovering that videos for their websites and distribution across the Internet are an excellent resource – capable of providing compelling examples of why a nonprofit needs volunteers or donations and what that volunteerism and financial contribution can do for the agency.

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