Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – August 2009

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7 Ways to Get More Leads & Sales through Pay-Per-Click
So you need more leads, for a fair price, and you need them now. Let’s take a look at some fast fixes that can still deliver quality leads in the long run.

Change Is Coming: Gear Up with New Microsoft-Yahoo! Deal
The big Microsoft-Yahoo! deal has huge implications for those companies, Internet searches and online marketers. The good news is that nothing will change quickly. Everyone has time to react and adjust. Basically, it looks like Yahoo! has given up on being a search player in the strictest sense. In the 10-year deal, Yahoo! will give way to Microsoft and use Microsoft’s Bing search results instead of its own.

The “O” in Video Stands for “Optimization”
As more and more businesses are jumping on the Internet video bandwagon, there’s more analysis happening to justify their interest. By now, many readers have heard about the findings from the Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals. A blog post on that site by Nate Elliott states that research conducted by Elliott leads to the conclusion that a video has more than 50 times the chance of appearing on the first page of search results compared to a regular website page. Admittedly, as more and more videos are made, that percentage should go down as things even out.

Google Analytics – Going for the Goal
Google Analytics is the free Web analytics tool offered by Google that we at Fathom have found helpful while recommending its use to our clients. One of the powerful features available in Google Analytics is goal tracking. The concept behind goal tracking is really simple. When properly implemented, it will provide data that can answer the question “Are my visitors doing what I want them to do?”. This is not about imposing your will on potential customers. It is a tool to give you insights about your visitors’ behavior, in aggregate.

Database + Email Marketing = Revenue
Congratulations! You thought ahead when the economy was rolling. You collected email addresses in your store. Or maybe you input all your sales leads into your CRM system. Perhaps you had a contact form on your website that fed into a database. In any case, you thought ahead and knew this information was valuable. It’s the lifeblood of your company because it means revenue.

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