Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – April 2011

To Be Witty or Not To Be: The Great SEO Headline Debate
Google is killing creative headline writing. If you’re a publisher who wants to make money on the Web, instead of using a traditional witty headline, you inject the exact keyword phrases around a hot topic and aim to piggyback on heavy Google search traffic for that term. If you’re lucky, that content brings a bunch of new visitors to your site, and advertisers pay you accordingly. This kills witty headlines.

Don’t Forget to Test!
It is an exciting time for email. Every week it seems there is a new design and feature being adopted. As you get psyched going through your inbox, I want to remind you not to forget about YOUR subscriber.

Will Google +1 Give the Stamp of Approval to Your PPC Ads?
Find out how the new Google +1 is going to affect your PPC Ads. It won’t directly impact Quality Score, but it could have an indirect effect through CTR.

Do You Want 1 Million Views on Your YouTube Channel?
So you have a YouTube channel. How do you know if it is actually working in your favor? While it may seem like you have to be a genius to create a YouTube channel that can generate 1 million views, there are actually simple ways that every user can optimize their channel.

Do NOT Use Call Tracking for Google Places
Do you currently use call tracking for your Google Places listing? If you do, you may want to reconsider your tracking strategy.

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