Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – April 2010

Quick & Easy Link Building
Link building has always been an integral part of search engine optimization. As one of the key factors to ranking, links are crucial for success in today’s online world. Countless hours can be spent brainstorming, creating and promoting link bait to build external links, but internal links can be set up in minutes.

Stay ‘Top of Mind’ with Google Remarketing
Google’s latest beta enables you to stay “top of mind” with visitors who come to your site and leave without purchasing or completing an action that you determine. Remarketing is still in the beta stage and it is not widely available to all advertisers, but Fathom has had the advantage of being able to use this new beta. With it being so new, Fathom has not collected enough data yet, but it certainly looks promising.

Why So Personal, Google?
The most important person in the whole wide world is YOU and Google really wants to show you. Do you know that the results that you see when you search on Google are probably customized by what you have searched for in the past? You might be aware of it when you are logged into your Google Account, where you can track your Web history. That information is tied to your account. But you might not realize that even when you are not logged in, you are seeing the results tailored to your previous activity unless you explicitly direct Google not to.

Online Marketing Budgets – Including Video – Slated to Grow in 2010
Online marketers are excited by news that marketing budgets for all things online (SEO, PPC and Internet Video) will increase for 2010. Marketing budgets in the B-to-B segment are expected to grow by up to 40% in 2010, with the biggest growth anticipated in the online worlds of website development, search and social media, email marketing, and Internet video marketing.

Spring Clean Your Email in 2 Steps
It’s that time of year to get started on your spring cleaning. Why shouldn’t you apply that tradition to your email marketing program as well? Get a quick boost to your results in just two simple steps.

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