Playing All Out On Purpose

purposeFathom started to find its purpose mojo recently. After some soul searching, we came together under the revitalized purpose statement “Inspiring Transformation.” Purpose to us is about inspiring people to grow, deepen relationships with each other and serve something bigger than ourselves. Our purpose statement reminds us to keep these actions primary. Operating like this helps us maximize the full potential of the relationships we have with each other, our clients and our community. We seek to transform these relationships as follows:

  • From Paychecks to Calling & Capturing Dreams: For each other, we work to move our experience at Fathom from “where we get our paycheck” to “where we challenge each other to learn, grow, find our calling, connect and serve purposes greater than ourselves.” We want Fathom to be a primary vehicle in our lives that helps us capture our dreams while working with people we care about and making a contribution. We want to express 100% of who we are not only at home and in the community, but at work, too!
  • From Meeting Expectations to Delivering Unrecognized Needs: With our clients, we want to go from just meeting expectations to delivering unrecognized needs. As a result of seeking to know our ideal clients better than anyone in the world, we will be able to deliver more value than anyone else. Our deep intimacy will set us up to generate ideas our clients would not likely have come up with without us. We also love sharing and learning with our clients about how to build culture-rich, purpose-driven companies.
  • From Taxes to Purpose Role Models & Community Leaders: In our community, we want to go from just paying taxes to unleashing the creativity and skills of our people to help transform the community efforts they touch. Fathomers have already contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars of volunteer time, pro-bono work and cash donations to their communities. They have started non-profits, sit on boards and provide inspiring leadership that help community groups and non-profits excel to the next level!

One way we contribute to the community is by celebrating bright spots of inspiration we encounter. A great example of this is Clevelander Ricky Smith (@Rickonia) who started #RAKE (see @RakeNow and

Last summer Ricky decided to give away his pizza to some homeless folks. His tweet about this seemingly minor random act of kindness got a big response and sparked others to do similar acts. This inspired Ricky to start the “Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere” social-media movement, which kicked off with a cross-county trip where he sprinkled the country with #RAKEs. In the last 9 months, Ricky has generated 25,000+ Twitter followers, gained national attention, and inspired thousands of random acts of kindness by others. The three elements of living on purpose (i.e., connection, growth, and service to something bigger than yourself) are all present here!

Ricky currently lives in LA, where his career as a comedy writer, actor and comedian is really taking off! He is coming back to Cleveland for the official #RAKE launch party** on May 16th. This is a a great example of someone “playing all out on purpose.” Show Ricky some love and do a #RAKE today!

**The party will be held at Hotcard’s Headquarters, Friday May 16th ( Learn more about the party here: Recess Launch Party. Buy tickets to the party here: Recess Tickets

About Scot Lowry

Scot Lowry is the president and CEO of Fathom. He is also the president of PromiseONE, LLC, a Beachwood, Ohio-based investment company whose partnership with Fathom coincided with his arrival. Prior to joining the company in 2007, Scot gained leadership development and management experience with diverse service organizations, including real-estate development, construction management and health care information systems businesses. His experience is with companies ranging in size from start-ups to $100+ million private companies. Scot is a graduate of the University of Florida and the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (MBA).

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