Online Marketing Drives Measurable Results for Manufacturing Companies

Earlier this week, Scot Lowry, President & CEO of Fathom, wrote an article for IndustryWeek entitled “Lean Sigma Marketing.” In it he discusses how valuable it can be for companies in the manufacturing industry to incorporate online marketing into their traditional marketing efforts.

He calls the process Lean Sigma Marketing, because just as the manufacturing sector combined Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing to produce optimal results, he suggests that today’s traditional offline marketing can be enhanced by incorporating online marketing tactics. A combination of the two processes can drive more measurable results and help manufacturing companies bring in a continuous stream of qualified leads.

It can be easy for a manufacturing company new to the world of online marketing to get caught up in all the industry buzz and lose sight of the ultimate goal: To drive costs down and sales up. In order to stay on track, the article suggests that companies focus on the following:

  • How and where customers buy
  • What the cost of each lead is
  • What the present sales/lead generation processes are, and how much they cost
  • What customers are searching for and where they are searching
  • How to stay in touch with customers and prospects on an ongoing basis

With this information identified, it becomes much easier to develop a strategy that will meet each company’s goals, bring qualified leads to the door and produce profitable sales.

In his article, Scot stresses that a combination of the best offline and online marketing efforts can result in leaner, more efficient and more results-driven marketing. Or, as he would call it, Lean Sigma Marketing.

Read his complete “Lean Sigma Marketing” piece in IndustryWeek to get additional information on how online marketing can benefit the manufacturing industry.


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