Ohio Internet Marketing Agency, Webbed Marketing, Offers Media Intelligence and Planning

Webbed Marketing, a social media marketing and search engine optimization agency in central Ohio, has specialized in providing marketing services for clients since 2006, and now offers specialized social media intelligence and planning for large, multi-faceted organizations and systems. Dubbed “Media VisiOne,” the comprehensive offering will provide detailed analytics and strategic guidance starting with a company’s current social media presence, or lack of one, and working toward their desired business goals.

“Whether just starting out or looking to reinvigorate a stalling social media program, guidance backed by data is vital for large organizations,” Amy Marshall, partner and COO at Webbed Marketing, said. “Webbed Media VisiOne is like the CIA for businesses and organizations using social media – we are an online intelligence agency for complex systems.”

These complex systems include hospitals and healthcare systems, government entities, large non-profit groups, universities- any organization with multiple branches, service points and employees is a system that would benefit from having social media guidance with this level of data driven detail. These large organizations often have several social media presences that are not coordinated or organized. With Webbed Media VisiOne, the experts at Webbed Marketing incorporate every aspect of an organization into one cohesive strategy that provides a clear, consistent message to their online audiences.

Tim Haynes, vice president of member services and marketing at TechColumbus, said, “It’s great to have a Columbus-based business contributing to innovation in Internet marketing, while expanding locally and nationally. Columbus is a hotbed of technology, and Webbed Marketing’s expertise, growth and innovation are representative of the strengths of the region’s tech community.”

The agency emphasizes this is not social media 101; this research and planning is backed with data, relevant not only to a particular organization, but also its competitors and the industry’s future outlook. Webbed Media VisiOne is about taking an existing social media strategy to the next level- building and growing fans, friends and followers, but also leveraging these networks for real business purposes that meet the complex, and often abstract, goals of larger organizations and systems.

According to Marshall, it is not uncommon for one branch of a system to have its own branded Facebook page. The page is used to promote events at this specific branch location, but also about company-wide events. The page might even provide information revealing the company’s position or leanings on current events or issues. And this Facebook page contradicts everything that is posted on the page representing a different branch location… and these pages are both presenting a different message than the next location’s page.

Webbed Media VisiOne can step in and provide comprehensive social media intelligence and planning for these kinds of organizations. The marketing agency can compare current social media efforts with those of the closest competition. In fact, Webbed Media VisiOne might discover new arenas where target audience are gathering, and explain new tools for connecting with them.

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is very supportive of Webbed Marketing’s expansion in Columbus. “We are excited about the economic growth and development in the Columbus region, and local businesses like Webbed Marketing support this continued growth for the Greater Columbus community,” Susan Merryman, vice president of marketing and communication for the Chamber, said.

For more information about Webbed Media VisiOne, and how your social media campaigns can be improved, contact Webbed Marketing at info(at)webbedmarketing(dot)com or 614-291-8456.

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Webbed Marketing is a team of experts in the Internet marketing field. Their goal is to grow businesses through the application of Internet resources. The agency specializes in search engine optimization, paid search and social media marketing, as well as social media strategies. Visitwww.webbedmarketing.com or follow us on Facebook,http://www.facebook.com/webbedmarketing, for more information.

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