What Makes a Fathomer a Fathomer

If you ask anyone who works at Fathom what their favorite part of working here is, most would answer with something related to how much they enjoy the workplace culture. Fathom’s culture drives individuals to be purpose-driven, deliver unrecognized needs, and become agents of positive impact at work and in life.

Fathom operates by serving one main purpose: to inspire transformation by maximizing the positive impact on all we serve. While the focus of this purpose is to transform the relationships had between our clients and our community, we lean on four Core Values and their respective guiding principles, which outline how to serve the greater purpose.

Our Core Values are the shared beliefs that help drive our behavior while the guiding principles help describe and guide behaviors that are consistent with the Core Values. Fathom’s four Core Values are: Everyone a Leader, Be the Consigliere, Make Order from Chaos, and the Gun Will Be There.

Below you’ll find our core values along with their guiding principles and a Fathomer’s thoughts on each value.

Everyone a Leaderleader_icon_over

  • Love & Service – Two pieces that form the foundation to great leadership.
  • Grow & Multiply – One’s willingness to continuously learn and invest in mutual growth.
  • Be a Creator – The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Everyone a Leader, to me, means you have the power to step up and do what needs to be done in order to better our team, our Fathom, and our clients’ lives and businesses.  It means there are no excuses. There is no such thing as “that’s not my job.” If it’s broke, fix it. If it’s working well, enhance it and make it work even better.  – Kelsey Fyfe

Be the Consigliereconsigliere_icon_over

  • Deliver Unrecognized Needs – To create innovation and value creation in your work, you must have a level of client intimacy.
  • Care-Frontation – Don’t just talk about something, but be able to fix it.
  • Expand the Pie – Value creation can lead to abundance.

Identifying gaps is an integral part of being the consigliere because it challenges the status quo by asking “Why.” By asking a question the team becomes aware of factors that could be slowing down or complicating workflow. However, asking the question is not enough, to truly exemplify Be the Consigliere it is important to not only identify the problem but suggest possible solutions.  – Victoria Wilhelm

Make Order from Chaoschaos_icon_over

  • Shoot Bullets, Not Cannon Balls – Take calculated risks and learn from your mistakes.
  • Embrace & Drive Change – Change and challenge are the pathways to growth.
  • Simplify & Standardize – Lead with healthy and consistent practices

Knowing the priority level of all the work I take on or am assigned. Keeping a high-level view, while working on day-to-day tasks, seeing the things that don’t make sense and questioning them rather than just doing. Recognizing when I’ve hit my limit and communicating that, rather than being unable to deliver on a deadline.  Seeing a mistake (my own or a team member’s) as a learning opportunity and finding ways to improve and make my process more efficient. – Meg Hoffner

The Gun Will Be Theregun_will_be_there_over

  • Create Results That Matter – Bring data and accountability to our actions.
  • Magnetic Culture – Be ecstatic about our culture so our clients can be too.
  • Force of Nature – Our business is a powerful agent of positive change.

To me, this means that you can trust that somebody will follow through on a commitment. It means taking responsibility for your assignments and rewarding the faith your colleagues have in you to perform your best. It means granting people the freedom and autonomy to complete a given task in the best way they see fit. – Paul Richlovsky

While Fathomers come from different backgrounds of knowledge and areas of expertise, we all unite and strive for one purpose. The key pieces to know what makes a Fathomer a Fathomer are the four core values, the sense of being purpose-driven, and an acting as an agent for positive change.

About Erika Naeger

Erika Naeger is a Digital Advertising Specialist at Fathom. She is a graduate of Kent State University, where she majored in Managerial Marketing and minored in Public Relations. Erika has two years of experience working in the digital marketing industry, specific to paid advertising. She is Google AdWords & Bing certified and has worked with clients in the education, manufacturing, and technology spaces. Outside of Fathom, Erika enjoys running & being a self-proclaimed foodie.

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