High-Schoolers Try Digital Marketing: A Fathom Internship

High school marketing internshipFor two weeks, I worked with two high school seniors who are interested in learning about the digital marketing industry. I’m approaching my year anniversary at Fathom, and I was excited to train the girls, Natalie and Susie, on agency life and the day-to-day routine of a digital specialist at our education marketing agency division.

During the first week, I gave the girls a brief introduction to the PPC, SEO, and Social best practices of the Education team. Each day, they came to work, reviewed a training presentation from our Associate Development Program’s manual, and completed a task that corresponded with each.

“Caroline explained how there were different branches of the company, such as Retail, Education, Healthcare, etc. We learned what PPC and SEO [specialists] are, and how to work on query reports. I feel more comfortable using Microsoft Excel, and now know how important keywords, titles, and descriptions are for paid ads and organic ads…”*

From creating mock ad copy to making SEO recommendations, Natalie and Susie learned the basics of digital marketing. For the last week, the girls worked on a social calendar for a client. They were able to peruse Pinterest and various blogs to find fun and relevant posts to include in the calendar. I explained how important it is to stay top-of-mind by posting regularly and keeping your viewers engaged with appropriate social etiquette.

“We made [a client’s] social calendar. It was really fun because we got to be creative for a real client! We really enjoyed making posts for [the client] since our generation is all about social media.”

I was happy to have Natalie and Susie for the past two weeks because I know they learned a lot about the industry and Fathom’s best practices. While a senior shadowing project is intended to focus on the students’ workplace experiences, I found myself benefiting from the program as well.

It’s refreshing to work with younger students who are interested in the digital marketing industry. I’ve been in the workforce for just under a year, and I realize how beneficial it is for these girls to learn about the ever-changing world of marketing and have a leg up when starting marketing classes in college. Plus, Natalie and Susie were able to experience our fun and driven attitude.

“One thing that Natalie and I couldn’t stop admiring was the friendly people around every corner. Caroline not only made us feel at home, but she helped us understand every task that she assigned to us. And most importantly, she made us laugh.”

*Quotations are from Fathom intern Susie Joseph.


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