Fathom Talks Box.com (Plus Benefits of Transferring to a Cloud Storage Solution)

boxcta2Today, Fathom was excited to present a webinar in collaboration with Box.com, sharing our experience evaluating cloud storage solutions. We were even more excited to learn there were over 300 webinar registrants! Clearly, there is a need for faster, more efficient file storage and team collaboration tools. As an innovative, fast-moving company, we’re always on the lookout for tools and platforms that will increase efficiency and make our lives easier. Box.com is just that, and we couldn’t be happier to share this secret with other marketers out there!

During the webinar, we openly discussed the reasons for needing a new storage solution, our process in evaluating potential providers and ways we encouraged adoption among our marketing and sales teams. After doing an internal audit of case studies, and realizing we stored them in 7 different locations (in all different formats, on all different letterheads), we made a decision as a company that we needed a centralized storage solution that was easy to access. We also were looking for a storage solution that offered:

  • Different permissions for sharing documents internally (with teams) and externally (with clients and partners)
  • Easy search navigation (so teams could easily find documents in ANY folder)
  • Comments feature (so we didn’t have to rely on going back to individual emails to see who created what when & the status of documents)
  • Version control (so that when we updated letterheads or documents, we could easily see the most updated version without deleting older versions)
  • Salesforce, Marketo and Docusign integration
  • Easy way to share big files with team members, partners & vendors (so we could provide links instead of attachments)

We decided on Box.com because it offered all of these benefits and more! What we’ve found is that Box.com:

  • Saved us a lot of time! (much more efficient)
  • Unified all documents in one place, and was easily accessible on desktops or mobile (no VPN necessary!)
  • People LOVE it – it’s super intuitive and didn’t require extensive training

Below is a recap of some of the additional questions we were asked, along with answers from both myself and Joe Moran (our CRM manager). If you or your company are evaluating Box.com and have any questions about practical use and implementation, we’d be happy to jump on a call and talk through these things with you (216-369-2220)!

1.  A lot of potential customers ask about the relationship between IT and line of business. How did you two work together to bring in Box? How did it start and what would be your best practices that you’d want to share with the audience?

The process started separately, as both marketing and IT had needs for a better storage solution. The collaboration of making this new storage solution happen began when Jay (our IT guru) and I began talking one day about some of the struggles we were having using the Intranet and fileserver. Together we realized there was a better way, so we made it our mission to prove this to others in the organization.

A few best practices / tips to working with IT:

  • Realize that IT is BUSY – plant the seed early and realize this transfer to Box.com is not an overnight thing – it requires planning and buy-in from other stakeholders in the organization.
  • Providing a list to IT of all the folders we needed to create (prior to actually transitioning from the file server to Box.com) made Jay’s job easier (because we took on the burden of cleaning up / organizing / purging old folders).

2.  Another question related to company or team relationships is then getting the actual buy-in from Finance and getting them to pay. What did you do to work with Finance or other client teams that may not have been using Box? Any lessons learned that you’d recommend?

We used sales and marketing as a “test” drive for the rest of the company – we had to prove that we gained efficiencies in using box, and started talking about all the cool things it could do. To get buy-in from Finance, we stressed the importance of “consolidating” tools (instant cost savings) and focused on the fact that Box integrated with the other solutions – Marketo and Salesforce – we’re using heavily as an organization (efficiency = savings)

3.  I know when we were talking earlier that Fathom has a lot of younger employees in general. How has that changed your view on what technology you bring into the company? Do you think there’s a generational gap within the company?

We don’t feel there is a generational gap at Fathom. We are a very technologically savvy organization, willing to try and test new tools all the time. Our problem is almost the fact that we try TOO many new tools, and move on quickly. Box.com is a platform that has stuck, due to the fact that it’s heads and shoulders above the other solutions we’ve looked into and used in the past. For those who hesitate to “latch on” to new tools, for fear they’ll quickly be abandoned, we continued to tout the fact that Box.com offers such cool features (like comments, tags, version control) that tie into our other existing platforms, that it’s here to stay.

4.  What type of training did you do to get your team onboard to use Box? How was it received?

We really didn’t have to do much internal training – the platform itself is very intuitive. Our training basically involved dedicating two Monday meetings to reviewing Box.com and our new folder structure with the sales and marketing teams, so they knew where they could find all items and how they could add new documents and folders themselves. We also create a “10 Commandments” guide and distributed it to the team – this reviewed naming conventions, best practices and things to keep in mind when using Box.com.

5.  Can you speak to some of the other cloud solutions you are using like Salesforce, Marketo or Docusign? How do they integrate with Box and how did that help you choose Box as a solution?

We currently integrate Box.com with Salesforce. It allows all users to access the same files on an account and contact level, so team members who have Salesforce and those who don’t can view the same files. Before integrating with Box.com, some files were uploaded to Salesforce but not all members who needed them could access them (because they didn’t have Salesforce licenses).  We’re in the process of integrating better with Marketo and Docusign – more to come on this front!

6.  What would be your recommendations or takeaways for anyone on the webinar who is either considering to buy Box or recently purchased and is planning to role out to their marketing team?

  • Talk to stakeholders often and work from the top down – come to the table with a company roll-out plan (who you want to receive licenses, when and for what cost) – having numbers and a plan to support your requests is key. It wouldn’t hurt to try to quantify the efficiencies you’ll gain in terms of revenue (by seeing how many hours you’ll save doing burdensome, administrative tasks instead of revenue-generating marketing activities).
  • Come up with a plan for transferring all files (before starting the process)
    • Use this as a time to reorganize purge & consolidate files
    • Decide who owns which folders & who is in charge of transferring files
    • Better to get team members involved (so everyone knows where to find files)
    • Map this out in a “folder” tree diagram (people will have opinions on where things should live – better to hammer this out before creating everything in Box)
  • Create a list of “guidelines” for utilizing Box
    • Naming conventions
    • Version control considerations
    • Expired Links
    • Tagging
    • Link privacy (open vs private)
    • Discuss access of employees


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