Fathom Takes a Scoop of a Newly Discovered Viral Art: "Cone-ing"

There is a new trend hitting the viral video world – it’s called “cone-ing.” And unlike Australia’s recent viral phenomenon of “planking” – the act of lying face-down for a photograph (the term planking originated from Australia, but is actually just another name for “the lying down game”) – this Australian-born trend is actually quite entertaining to watch!

So what is this “cone-ing” fad? As odd as it sounds, “cone-ing” is simply ordering an ice-cream cone at a drive-thru and, when served, picking it up from the ice-cream end (the top) instead of the cone (the bottom).

Right now, you may be asking yourself, who in their right mind would do this for fun? His name is Alki Stevens, and he has attracted over 3.5 million viewers in less than two weeks! According to Richard Smith in his Gather.com technology blog entitled “Popular Drive-Thru Fad Hits YouTube”, Alki Steven’s cone-ing video has made it to the top 10 finalists of the Unhatched Viral Video Competition; a competition run by an Australian radio network, resulting in a grand-prize of $10,000 – not a bad pay-off for the disposal of a few 50-cent vanilla cream cones – not to mention the YouTube advertising revenue he is sure to bring in.

At Fathom Online Marketing, we love staying up on the current fads and trends as well! Being an online marketing company, we’ve had quite a few trends sweep through our office: inner-office planking, full-staff Nerf-wars, life-sized Angry Birds levels, burrito-eating competitions (those usually don’t have a positive outcome) – the list goes on. This time around, we couldn’t let Alki Stevens have all the fun. We sent two of Fathom’s finest – Director of Photography Phil Hoyt, and Digital Media Specialist Chad Paul- out to experience the thrill of the video world’s newest (and possibly weirdest) viral trend. Check it out!

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