Fathom Employee Spotlight: Kevin Lewalk

Kevin Lewalk
Kevin Lewalk
Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Areas of Specialization:
Web Design and Layout

Leadership Role:
I create user friendly and SEO friendly web pages. I also create Logo designs and branding.

Best Thing About Working at Fathom:
The atmosphere is very energetic and uplifting. The people here are a great bunch of co-workers. They are always helpful and supportive to each other.

Most Challenging Aspect of Your Job:
Keep up with best practices within the SEO world of web design

Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Job:
Conquering, keeping up with the best practices of SEO and the design falls together.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Akron University

Hiking, Camping, Restoring Muscle Cars, Kayaking

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch:
Reddi’s Pizza – great small Italian restaurant

Favorite Quote:
For now it’s “don’t waste your time….EMBRACE IT….and then you’ll know yourself”

About Kurt Krejny

Kurt Krejny is the Director of Online Marketing at Fathom. Kurt has over 10 years of experience in online marketing with a concentration in search engine optimization (SEO). Kurt's background in Visual Communications Technology at Bowling Green State University has allowed him to assist organizations in solving complex online marketing problems. Using a diverse skill set including traditional marketing, graphic design, usability, website development, and video, Kurt has been focused on getting things done to show results.Follow Kurt on Twitter @KurtKrejny and connect on LinkedIn

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