Fathom Remembers the 100th Anniversary of The Titanic

“This Day in SEO History” pays tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic, built in Belfast, Ireland, and designed by naval architect Thomas Andrews – a man with two first names!

Captain of The Titanic

Websites can be like The Titanic, too

The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from England to New York City when it struck an iceberg that punctured its watertight compartments. In less then three hours it sank to the bottom of the icy ocean and hundreds of lives were lost.

Websites can be like the Titanic, too. They can be unwieldy with too much content and unnecessary pages and features. Visitors get stuck in the lower decks of the site, or get lost in the fog bank of bad branding – and want to abandon ship (or website)!

Watch the fifth volume of “This Day in SEO History,” starring our very own Amanda “Rose” Jerele, and learn how SEO and Design & Usability are like life rafts that can fix a sinking ship (or website).
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