Fathom PPC Team to Host Landing Page Best Practices Tweet Chat

I Tweet, You Tweet, We All Tweet for LP’s!

So you’ve done your best to build a knock out, top of the line, grade A PPC structure. Your keywords are phenomenal and your ad copy is intriguingly brilliant. You launch your campaigns, sit back, relax, and wait for the conversions to start rolling in. However, a couple of weeks go by, conversions are sparse, and you come to the realization that your landing page just plain sucks.

Users are in fact searching for your product and you just might have the best offering in the business, but when they get your site they feel like a lost little puppy. Landing pages are the bread and butter of increasing those conversion rates and the Fathom PPC Team is here to help offer you some direction.

So listen up all of you Twitter fanatics out there! Join Fathom PPCers using the hash tag #FathomPPC on Thursday, November 3rd from 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST for a Tweet Chat. We’ll be answering questions and offering landing page recommendations related to LP best practices and providing you with the answers you need to create out of this world landing pages that will spectacularly showcase what you have to offer. Tune in Thursday and make sure you are following us @FathomOnline!

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