Fathom: A Northeast Ohio Top Workplace for 2012

For the second straight year, Fathom was named to the “Northeast Ohio Top Workplaces” by The Plain Dealer and WorkplaceDynamics. This year it was one of 5 marketing companies to make the list, released on June 17. I think I speak for all Fathomers (Fathomites?) when I say we’re proud to be there.

We are equally proud to see a couple of our clients on this list, too.*

Elizabeth Lynch, Fathom’s director of leadership development, is also happy:

“I am very excited that we made it a second year in a row. It is exciting that as we grow, we can continue to be a top workplace.”

She brings up a good point: As many workplaces get bigger, the rate of employee satisfaction goes down. Of course, one look at the largest companies (500-plus employees) on this list can disprove this, though the vast majority of them were established prior to 1990, giving them plenty of time to overcome growing pains. At the same time, many other large companies (old or otherwise) didn’t make this list.

So, why has Fathom made this list again?

Besides perks and other concrete benefits, I think greater forces are at work, inspiring people to stay here while at the same time attracting new hires. A lot of people come to Fathom (and/or stay at Fathom) to both be a part of a rapidly changing industry and have opportunities for professional growth. Indeed, CEO Scot Lowry often publicly talks about putting people on career “runways,” i.e. paths to excel, in monthly company meetings.

It’s probably no coincidence, then, that two new big additions to the sales & marketing staff in the last year were so enthusiastic about starting with Fathom that they each wrote unsolicited blog posts to detail why they chose to work here (see respective posts by Steve Kessen, Director of Sports Marketing and Jeff L. Herrmann,VP of Sales & Marketing).

Back to the award, as I’ve written before, it is always satisfying to receive external validation that we’re doing something right. In this case, the external validation might even be more rewarding because it comes from an internal source: Fathom employees. These same people can just as easily trash the company in the anonymous survey, so the fact that they’re by and large speaking out positively (and loudly) enough to warrant placement on “top workplaces” lists like this is just another reason why I myself am happy to work here.

I hope all our readers can say that they’re in a similar situation.


*(On a personal note, I’m happy to see that the servicer of my mortgage made the list—if it’s going to continue to take the largest share of my paycheck for years to come, I feel vaguely reassured knowing that its employees are happy.)


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