Fathom Named One of "Northeast Ohio Top Workplaces 2011"

Fathom Online Marketing has no shortage of confidence, but as a company it is always satisfying to receive external validation that you are moving in the right direction.

These were my thoughts when I saw that an employee-based survey conducted by The Plain Dealer and WorkplaceDynamics put Fathom among 123 other companies as one of Northeast Ohio’s “Top Workplaces 2011.” In the “small company” category (50-149 local employees), we ended up at #8 in a field of 60 finalists. The results were published in The Plain Dealer on June 19, where the categories were divided by the number of local employees:

  • small (50-149)
  • midsize (150-499)
  • large (500+)

Contrary to studies where senior execs might solely contribute the feedback, this study’s data is derived from employees’ feelings and judgments. They rated their workplaces on a seven-point scale, showing their degrees of agreement with statements like, “I am happy with my career opportunities at this company.” To arrive at the finalists, WorkPlace Dynamics whittled 235 companies down to 132 based on superior survey results. It further divided the 132 into 3 categories by size because it wanted to be fair to large businesses, knowing that small businesses tend to perform better in this type of survey. For those who really dig numbers, The PD has a more detailed look at the methodology.)

I think I speak on behalf of all Fathom employees when I say that we really appreciate this honor. So does Elizabeth Lynch, Director of Leadership Development, who said: “It is really an honor to win, because our employees are the judges.” Of course, in some ways, Fathom employees shouldn’t be too surprised, because they were the drivers of the bus (myself included). We knew—or at least should have had some idea—that many of us are very excited about working here, and that when asked about our feelings would respond affirmatively.  This survey simply reflects what a great number of Fathomers already believe: that we like our workplace and have confidence in the company’s direction.

Once again, thanks to The Plain Dealer for publishing this survey, and thanks to everyone at Fathom for making it an excellent place to work.


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