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Did you know that someone dies from cardiovascular disease every 38 seconds? When I heard that statistic, I was floored. It’s hard to believe that one disease can have such a profound impact on our population.

Thankfully, there are organizations like the American Heart Association that have dedicated themselves to fighting back against these staggering statistics. In fact, the AHA has made a bold goal: by 2020, to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent, while also reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20 percent.

In addition to educating people about how to make smarter decisions and lead heart healthy lives, the AHA works hard to raise the money necessary to do groundbreaking research and develop new ways to battle heart disease. Every year the organization sponsors “Heart Walks” all across the country to raise money and increase awareness about the effects of cardiovascular disease.

Here at Fathom, we were inspired by the AHA’s goals, and we wanted to join the fight. Over the past month and a half we came together to raise almost $800 in support of their cause. And this past weekend a group of our employees went to Voinovich Park to participate in the annual Cleveland Heart Walk.

In Cleveland this year, the AHA rasied over $1 million, all of which goes toward projects like:

  • Putting up-to-the-minute research into doctors’ hands
  • Aiding groundbreaking pediatric heart and stroke research
  • Getting life-saving information to those who need it most
  • Improving patient care
  • Reaching out to populations at risk
  • Raising awareness about the effects of heart disease
  • Protecting future generations

As you can see, fundraising efforts are vital to the continued success of the American Heart Association. This is the first year Fathom joined forces with this organization, but it is something we look forward to doing again in the future. If you’ve never experienced a walk of this magnitude, I encourage you to check out video footage of the event here.





*Image provided by terren in Virginia

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