Fathom is Home to 6 of the Top 25 ‘AdGeniuses’

On Tuesday June 11, DataPop started its week long ad-writing competition. Last Wednesday, the winners were announced! Among 112 fierce competitors and 690 of the best written ads, Fathom took home 6 of the top 25 spots on the leader board (more than any other company). The ranking Fathom employees include Kelly Krasuna, Courtney Demko, Cody Blair, Noah Brooks, Joe Castro and the winner of the number one spot went to Fathom’s own Amanda Jerele.

In order to write the ads for the competition, each contestant was given a product and basic information about a consumer. DataPop has its own algorithm that scored each ad based on relevancy and engagement. The competition included about 6 rounds and each ad took about 4 minutes to create.

Amanda took home the winning title of ‘AdGenius’  because of her ad (pictured below) that mentions Father’s Day, an upcoming deal, the Cleveland Browns and the benefits of AdGeniusXM radio.

Amanda’s thoughts on the competition:

“Writing ad copy was always my favorite task when I worked as a PPC specialist. I loved getting a chance to get back into it not to mention I love some good competition! It was great to see everyone who participated here at Fathom score so well. It says a lot about our ability to create engaging and relevant content.”

Congratulations to all of our ad-writing experts! We can’t wait to see Amanda’s reign continue as she holds onto that number one spot next year!

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