Fathom Core Value Stories: March 2013 Edition

Every month at company meetings, a handful of Fathomers are recognized in front of the group for extraordinary manifestations of our four core values (“everyone a leader,” “be the consigliere,” “make order from chaos,” “the gun will be there”). This space immortalizes their accomplishments for the world to see. I hereby present the 16th edition of Core Value Stories:

  • Everyone a Leader, Brittany Potter — For going through a significant transition into new accounts and roles while delivering a high level of work that has new tech clients excited to work with her. In addition, her insights have helped remove a penalty from Google on one particular client and contributed to the development of an excellent content strategy.
  • Be the Consigliere, Haley Hite  (pictured, right) —  For producing more than 150 pages in just two months as part of a comprehensive website redesign for an enterprise client in the legal industry. She has worked through the mental modeling process to craft new pages that speak to the target audience and their motivations. Both the speed and quality of her work are a huge asset to this particular client.
  • Make Order from Chaos, Dennis Rowbotham — For spending the past 2 months creating individual profit & loss statements by different groups, providing financial insight not only to management, but also to all levels of the organization. This has earned him the new title of “Master of the Pivot Tables.”
  • The Gun Will Be There, Nancy Shawl (pictured, right) — For being a master at anticipating needs. From travel logistics to new hire transitions, from special projects to vendor relations management, once she is on the job, everyone knows … it WILL get done!


To the victors go the spoils … huzzah!

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