Fathom Core Value Stories: January 2013 Edition

Every month at company meetings, a handful of Fathomers are recognized in front of the group for extraordinary manifestations of our four core values (“everyone a leader,” “be the consigliere,” “make order from chaos,” “the gun will be there”). This space immortalizes their accomplishments for the world to see. I hereby present the 15th edition of Core Value Stories:

  • Everyone a Leader, Jessie Ng — For initiating responsive design for email templates. She taught herself how to build and code responsive templates, tested them and set up trainings for the department. She is now building a responsive email program that will improve client results.
  • Be the Consigliere, Ted Goeltz —  For working through a challenging Joomla installation for a client with a slow website hosted in Manila, Philippines. He has helped the client’s development team get closer to solving the problem and as a result, fostered high levels of trust in the relationship.
  • Make Order from Chaos, Stephen Epple— For leading a big client’s email team through one significant challenge after another, building even stronger relationships in a challenging business environment, including department restructuring and significant changes in inbox deliverability at large.
  • The Gun Will Be There, Alan Suchan  — For jumping  in to help immediately on several SEO accounts and developing a number of strategies for Q1. Also, in the midst of one client’s site migration, his expertise was vital to ensuring a smooth transition.


To the victors go the spoils … huzzah!

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