Fathom Core Value Stories: December 2012 Edition

Every month at company meetings, a handful of Fathomers are recognized in front of the group for extraordinary manifestations of our four core values (“everyone a leader,” “be the consigliere,” “make order from chaos,” “reward sustainable results”). This space immortalizes their accomplishments for the world to see. I hereby present the 14th edition of Core Value Stories:

  • Everyone a Leader, Tiffany Sumuel — For taking initiative and making a big impact in her short time at Fathom. She has created a great curriculum for teaching Google Analytics to SAE’s, the PPC team and countless others at Fathom. She also helped a major manufacturing client make better business decisions with her digital asset analysis.
  • Be the Consigliere, Karen Cover — For creating blog posts for an education-industry client with a distinct voice and challenging editorial demands. The fact that her content has been so good that they’re now entrusting her to create blog posts on her own is a testament to the quality of her daily work.
  • Make Order from Chaos, Bridget Barrett — For playing an integral role this quarter in the social media component of an auto industry client’s digital marketing plan. She posted, tweeted, and updated statuses for 5 of this client’s social properties, very quickly generating >800 social updates.
  • Reward Sustainable Results, Kal Fattah  — For expertly developing in-depth local analysis and strategy for a difficult client launch, including immediate action items.  Ultimately, this strategy helped the client understand and trust in our process.


To the victors go the spoils … huzzah!

About Paul Richlovsky

Paul purposefully merges a creative writing and teaching background with his decade-long marketing career. He advises clients on content strategy, editorial direction and PR/distribution. He is a perpetual critical thinker who has written/edited hundreds of blog posts and multiple long-form marketing guides, including those aimed at audiences as varied as healthcare, higher education, financial services, B2C brands and manufacturing. With a BA in English from the College of Wooster, he is also the author of a collection of poetry, "Under the Lunar Neon."He gets really excited about the science of elite performance, usability, brand voice, headlines, digital governance, ballroom dancing, bachata, racquet sports, and romping with his niece and nephews.

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