Fathom Associate Development Program Journal, 4th Edition

In June, Fathom started an Associate Development Program, or “ADP” for short. The ADP is designed to train interns for 6 months on a track that ultimately leads to full-time employment. Their experiences will be chronicled on the blog as they learn about the ins and outs of marketing and analytics. Read previous editions in the ADP archive.

Joanna Hughes

In this 4th edition, the “associates” talk about which projects they’ve enjoyed the most so far. As Joanna Hughes introduces:

“From URL charts to blogger outreach to whatever crazy projects Adam and Victoria are working on, now that our training is coming to an end, the ‘real’ work has definitely started to pour in. I think we’re all enjoying getting to put to use the knowledge and skills we’ve been learning in training, but I’m sure we all have certain projects we’ve enjoyed more than others. I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone has been working on and what they’ve enjoyed the most. I’m sure the answers will be as diverse as we all are.”

Jenna Hedman

“My favorite projects so far have been creating social calendars for clients. I really liked looking for fun and interesting things for the clients to post and share with their fans. This past week I created a calendar and actually got to share it with the client! It was nerve-racking but really cool to present something that I made for them. I have also enjoyed learning some PPC things, especially sitelinks. I can’t wait to see what I’ll get to work on next!”

Kyle Luckie

“It is interesting to see all the different types of client work we have all been working on. It does not seem that we have worked on a lot of the same things with our teams. I have mainly worked on content recs, PPC, and now URL charts. I enjoy doing the content recs, especially the new pages to be added. It is interesting to see the site when you implement a new page. I like to know the final product looks good. I also liked doing the URL chart. It was fun planning an entire quarter of content for the client’s website. I am excited to see what new projects are thrown our way in the near future.”

Caroline Amantea

“My favorite project so far has been creating a social calendar for a client. Throughout this process, I searched for graphics and information pertaining to the client that would create engagement with followers on various social media outlets. The best part of this project was after spending a good chunk of my week on it, seeing my posts being published online (because, yes, I started following the company on Facebook to see my posts). It’s such a great feeling knowing the client appreciates and uses the work you’ve done. I really look forward to applying my creative side to some more projects like this and seeing my ideas go to work!”

Adam Zackery

“It is hard to decide what my favorite project has been so far. It has been great learning HTML and using it on a daily basis for various needs. I also love working with ‘Big Data,’ and my team has definitely given me the chance to do so. I have been able to pull statistics from various sources and databases to support other projects. I am even excited to learn about how Fathom uses forecasting and to see if it is similar to my past experiences. I don’t really have a favorite project; I just enjoy working on a variety of different things every day.”

Victoria Wilhelm

“I’ve done everything from updating image paths, to PPC search query reports and even a few things in between. If I had to choose my favorite project thus far, it would be coding an email template wireframe. I was able to sit down with Jessie, our email coding guru, and learn some very basic responsive design coding.  Responsive design is something that I have been interested in for a while, so it was great to finally learn some.  When we were done she gave me a wireframe to code in order to assess my understanding of the new way to code tables.  I’ve never coded an email from scratch, and even though it was a basic wireframe, it was still great practice!”

Joanna Hughes

“My favorite project so far has probably been the competitor analysis I helped work on for Nook Industries. Nook is a new client, so it’s been really great for me to work on them and get to see how we develop a strategy for a client from scratch. I worked on evaluating their competitors’ online PR variables. I was basically trying to determine where the competition was at in terms of social media, links, blogging, etc. I even got to sit in on the client meeting and see how my work fit in with the overall presentation and strategy. It was just a really good learning experience for me to see how all the different components come together.”

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