Fathom E-commerce Marketing: Ready to Deliver

Fathom's E-commerce Marketing Team Can Help Your Site Make More Money

E-commerce continues to grow at a breathtaking pace, and successfully managing an e-commerce website requires forward thinking, creativity, and pro-activity. Many companies struggle to do it right by themselves.

With that knowledge, we set out to find experienced and passionate e-commerce experts with the goal of creating a superior resource for online retailers. And then we did it.

As of today, Fathom is proud to announce the formal creation of its very own e-commerce marketing team. This team, comprised of experts in multiple areas, can provide comprehensive guidance, strategy, and implementation that will help your website generate more revenue.

The E-commerce Marketing team includes:

Matt Mesenger
E-commerce Program Manager
Abby Carter
E-commerce Video Expert
Mike Perla
Usability Expert
Gary Thomas
Usability Expert
Matt Thompson
Technical Support Expert
Keith Simpkins
Social Media E-commerce Expert
Jenni Ramminger
Live Chat Expert
John Scheiderer
E-commerce Email Expert
Colleen Friess
Comparison Shopping Engine Expert
Courtney Dusenbury
Comparison Shopping Engine Expert
Jonathan Levey
Mobile E-commerce Expert

To learn how your e-commerce site can start generating more revenue, contact us today.

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