Columbus-Based Internet Marketing Agency Shares SEO Guidance to Prepare for Google Caffeine

Representatives from the search engine optimization (SEO) team at Webbed Marketing, a Columbus-based Internet marketing agency, announce that its staff and tools will be able to keep clients on top of their keyword rankings in the face of Google's latest algorithm change. Google "Caffeine", the newest alteration to the Internet giant's complicated algorithm, will affect how Web sites rank in the search engine. Webbed Marketing was sharing the breaking news, as well as their expertise on the topic.

"Google Caffeine, the most recent 'algo-change,' as SEO people like to call them, is expected to provide more pages in Google's search results, in addition to being much faster," Ryan Whiteside, SEO expert at Webbed Marketing said. "This is the type of Internet marketing and SEO news that we stay on top of at Webbed; this is our passion, and we strive to continue meeting- and exceeding- our client's expectations."

With a full SEO staff, a proven record of successful SEO campaigns, and an extensive client list, Webbed Marketing is prepared for Google Caffeine. In fact, according to Webbed Marketing, if Google Caffeine's claims are true, this will be an impressive addition to Google's already fast and in-depth search engine. The question Webbed Marketing is answering for users: how will this affect your Web site's search engine rankings? Web sites that avoid "tricking" the search engines will see very little difference with Google Caffeine. The sites that try to fool search engines through manipulation, forced keywords and writing focused for search engines, not humans, will struggle with this new algorithm. 

"At Webbed Marketing, we have dozens of methods for obtaining links," Whiteside said. "Each method is aimed at providing real value to the Web sites that are linking to our clients. Not only does it keep our clients happy with higher search rankings, it makes search engines, and the sites that are linking to our clients' sites, happy by providing a way that they can offer more information and resources to their visitors."

As the Internet marketing industry continues to advance, agencies like Webbed Marketing are determined to stay up to date on these trends, and use that knowledge and expertise for their clients' success. For more information on Google Caffeine, or to discover if your Web site is prepared for Google's latest algo-change, be sure to register for Webbed Marketing's webinar, "Wake up to Google Caffeine" on September 16 at 2 p.m. or visit

About Webbed Marketing 
Webbed Marketing is a team of experts in the Internet marketing field. Their goal is to grow businesses through the application of Internet resources. The firm specializes in search engine optimization and marketing, as well as viral marketing services, word of mouth and buzz measurement and social media strategies. Visit for more information.

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