Fathom Associate Development Program Journal, 5th Edition

In June, Fathom started an Associate Development Program, or “ADP” for short. The ADP is designed to train interns for 6 months on a track that ultimately leads to full-time employment. Their experiences will be chronicled on the blog as they learn about the ins and outs of marketing and analytics. Read previous editions in the ADP archive.

In this 5th edition, the “associates” talk about their most challenging projects.

Kyle Luckie

Kyle Luckie

Kyle Luckie

“I think the most challenging project I have been assigned at this point is putting together a URL chart for content covering the entire 3rd quarter for one of our clients. A URL chart is a very in-depth look at what the copywriter is to use as a guideline for the new content for the website. I must say I was excited to try this task. This involves new pages, updated content on existing pages, updated meta-descriptions, page titles and keywords; new links, and any other recommendations for the website. That was a challenging task; however, I was able to do some research to complete the job. After all was said and done, the chart came out great. It made me proud to try something new and do well with it. As always, I am excited to see any new tasks in the future that are thrown my way.”

Jenna Hedman

“This week, I wrote a blog post for my e-commerce team about social media, how it impacts SEO and how e-commerce brands can utilize it. Although writing wasn’t a big deal, I’m pretty new to SEO, so finding a topic to write on and actually sound like I know what I’m talking about was pretty daunting. Luckily, my counselor Brittany helped me out a lot by brainstorming with me and giving me direction on where to go with it. I just turned it in and am pretty proud of it. I definitely think I’ll be writing more blogs in the future, and hopefully it will be easier each time.”

Caroline Amantea

“The most challenging project I’ve been given is also the project that has helped me understand SEO a little better: URL charts. A URL chart is a list of recommendations for a client site given to the content writer. These recommendations might include suggestions for an alternate page title, optimizing content to include keywords with high search volumes, or creating a new page for a product. This project was difficult at first because I wasn’t so familiar with the e-commerce clients. Now that I’ve finished URL charts for a few clients, I feel more comfortable making suggestions because I actually know what they mean. I’m excited to learn more about SEO and see if the recommendations I make benefit the client’s site in any way.”

Adam Zackery

“One of the more challenging and interesting tasks was learning HTML. None of my marketing professors ever mentioned the importance of HTML, but it is an integral piece to online marketing. It was surprising to see so many people within the organization using it. When I first started, I thought learning the basics would be incredibly difficult, but I was wrong. Most of my days now include some HTML work, which has improved my knowledge base. The ADPs have had just a few short weeks at Fathom, but we already know that our strengths and struggles will surely change over the next 5 months.”

Victoria Wilhelm

“The most challenging project for me thus far was organizing and creating a pivot table of data for an email campaign.  I haven’t used Excel since middle school, so I basically had to re-learn the software.  Once I could navigate the interface I had to figure out how to do functions and apply those to cells. Luckily, Adam is an Excel whiz and was able to answer all my questions.  Now that I know more about the program, I think it’s pretty awesome. I love any kind of program that can do the math for me!”

Joanna Hughes

“I would have to say the most challenging thing for me, so far, across many of the projects I’ve worked on is simply figuring out what it is that some of the manufacturing clients actually do. Since I’ve been working with the “Lead Manufacturing” team, I have discovered there is a wealth of industries out there that I never even knew existed—mobile cataract surgery, for example. Who knew that was a legit business? I’ve been working a bit on outreach for a few clients—trying to find blogs mostly—and it’s definitely been challenging at times to find other sources out there talking about the very niche industry our client works in.  There are definitely times where I wish the clients I work on had a more obvious or recognizable product or service, but at the same time, I think working on these ‘unusual’ clients is helping me think outside the box and challenging me to come up with creative solutions.”

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