Fathom Associate Development Program Journal, 3rd Edition

In June, Fathom started an Associate Development Program, or “ADP” for short. The ADP is designed to train interns for 6 months on a track that ultimately leads to full-time employment. Their experiences will be chronicled on the blog as they learn about the ins and outs of marketing and analytics. Read previous editions in the ADP archive.

Jenna Hedman

Jenna Hedman

In this 3rd edition, the “associates” talk about the paths that brought them to Fathom. As Jenna Hedman introduces:

“Throughout our first few weeks at Fathom, we were constantly asked to introduce ourselves and give our backgrounds. We found that each one of us took very different paths which all led us to the Associate Development Program. We all came to the program with different experiences, but that is what makes this team so great. It’s pretty interesting how such different people can all come to the same place and learn so much together. Here’s a little bit more on how each of us got here.”

Jenna Hedman

“I graduated from Kent State in May with a degree in public relations and a minor in communications. My freshman year, I was planning on ending up at a traditional public relations agency. My junior year I took a class in online PR tactics and learned about SEO and social media … that’s when I knew I wanted to focus on social media and ended up with 2 internships in that area. Last summer, I was the social media intern at a digital marketing agency in Cleveland and I interned at PlayhouseSquare in its digital communications department during my senior year. When I started looking for post-graduation jobs, I jumped at the ADP opportunity at Fathom. I love that I’m still working with social media and at the same time, I’m learning a lot of new things. My freshman year, I never would have expected to be working in marketing … it wasn’t even my minor! Now, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I think the thing I really learned through my experience is to reach outside your comfort zone. If I had stayed in traditional PR just because that’s what I was taught in school, I probably wouldn’t be at Fathom now.”

Joanna Hughes

“I graduated high school in 2007, 100% certain that I was destined for a career in the fashion industry. I had never given any thought to a different career path. Fashion was my passion, and I was told that was the type of career I was supposed to pursue so that I’d “never work a day in my life.”  Well, fast-forward 4 years to college graduation: The recession is in full swing, and we graduates are left wondering what to do next.  After a couple months of searching, I was still working retail, not really making ends meet. In desperation, I took a job as a receptionist for a small financial company in Akron.  I figured I’d take the job to pay the bills while actively looking for something that better fit my interests. The only problem was at that point I had NO IDEA what I was interested in or passionate about anymore. I felt jaded by fashion, and was kind of over it, but I’d never thought about doing anything else … so I was pretty lost.  Luckily, my manager at the time gave me a chance to participate on their marketing committee, and from there pretty much put me in charge of starting a social media campaign for the company. My interest started to spark again, and I finally felt like I was doing something that I could really get into. Then they got me some training on SEO, and I became even more interested in diving into the world of digital marketing. Around that same time I met Matt Insley and Elizabeth Lynch at the Kent Career Fair, and I thought the Associate Development Program sounded like just the thing I needed to turn my new interest into a career. I feel very lucky to have been chosen for this program, and I can honestly say I finally feel like I’m in the right place, doing something I’m passionate about.”

Kyle Luckie

“It has been quite a ride to end up where I am today. Over the years, I have worked a wide variety of different jobs. I went to a vocational school my junior and senior year of high school to learn how to lay bricks. I soon found out with my bad back that was not the direction I wanted to take as a career choice. That led me to make the decision to go to Kent State University, where I studied business management. I worked an assortment of jobs while attending school: landscaping, cooking, serving tables, bar-tending, and some customer service positions. My brother had always encouraged me to get into Internet marketing, which I was a little hesitant about at first. Once he got me into it, I haven’t looked back since. It is a privilege to be accepted into the Associate Development Program at Fathom. I look forward to great things with them in the future.”

Caroline Amantea

“I initially chose Kent State University for its Visual Communication Design program because of my interest in design; however, I realized that, while I wanted to apply my creativity to a future career, I was also interested in content writing. I switched into the advertising program and enjoyed every second of it. I couldn’t wait to graduate with a job in a field I had grown to love. During my senior year, I interned at a small marketing agency (just down the road from Fathom!), where I learned the basics of analytics and a lot about the growing world of digital marketing. I quickly became interested in consumer insights and the purchase process and knew I wanted to pursue a position in those areas. After my second week at Fathom, I was beyond excited to find out that I had been chosen to join the eCommerce team—I could finally understand the behind-the-scenes work of a field I love!

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such passionate, hard-working people. Every day at Fathom is a learning experience, and I feel unbelievably privileged to be a part of this growing company.”

Adam Zackery

“When I first started at Baldwin Wallace, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. I decided to start with a double major in economics and marketing and a minor in Spanish. I figured it would provide me with a broad base that could apply to many fields. Before my junior year, I found an internship that was a great mix—business intelligence in the marketing department of AkzoNobel, which was the world’s largest coatings manufacturer. Through the internship, I was able to utilize both of my majors (and even some of my Spanish). By the end of my time there, they didn’t view me as an intern. I was involved in forecasting, economic & competitor reports, monitoring competing marketing campaigns, market research and much more. I was even taken to St. Louis to help run benchmarking (similar to focus groups) and performed tasks with business units located outside of the USA. After PPG acquired the North American business and my internship ended, I decided I wanted to find a position that reflected my E-marketing class, which was one of my favorites. So far, I love my decision. Working at Fathom has been a great experience, and I look forward to learning more.”

Victoria Wilhelm

“When I graduated high school in 2010, I wanted to be an animator. A year into college, after I had directed my first live-action short film, I realized how much I enjoyed video production. I decided to pursue a career in video advertising, and was soon offered an internship in video production at Fathom. During my internship I learned a lot about video production and video marketing, but not much about the other areas of online marketing Fathom specializes in. A few months after I graduated from college, I was offered a chance to take part in the ADP program. I see the ADP program as a great opportunity to increase my marketing knowledge, as well as really get to know Fathom as a company.”

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