Fathom Associate Development Program Journal, 2nd Edition

In June, Fathom started an Associate Development Program, or “ADP” for short. The ADP is designed to train interns for 6 months on a track that ultimately leads to full-time employment. Their experiences will be chronicled on the blog as they learn about the ins and outs of marketing and analytics. Read previous editions in the ADP archive.

In this 2nd edition, the “associates” reflect on their first couple weeks in the program.

Adam Zackery

“The first week of hands-on training has been great, and it has been fun meeting my team, the Untouchables. The associates are finally getting tasks from the teams, which gives us a greater understanding of the topics we are learning about. I am quickly picking up HTML since I am consistently using it each day. I am excited to learn more in the coming weeks so the associates can take on a larger role.”

Jenna Hedman

“So, I was on vacation for the second week of the program, but I feel like I’ve fit two weeks of experience into this week. I’ve been learning so much through all the trainings and have met a lot of great people so far. I’ve really enjoyed learning about keywords and how to choose and optimize for them. I’m on team Add 2 Kart (A2K), and it’s the best! We had a cookout for lunch one day and went to a movie as a team. There are so many awesome people on the team, and I feel like they’re always laughing and having a good time, even when we’re working. So far, I’ve been working on a lot of social initiatives for some A2K clients and am really enjoying it. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be learning next and what new experiences I’ll have in the program.”

Joanna Hughes

“Week 2 … Definitely fewer snow cones, more work, but all good.  In week two we all started doing more work with our individual teams on various aspects of different client projects. I think we’ve all enjoyed getting more hands-on with the things we’ve been learning in training. I’ve realized that before I started at Fathom, I had an idea of what digital marketing was all about, but since I’ve been working with my team and attending the trainings and various meetings, I’ve come to realize there’s so much more to it than I ever imagined.”

Kyle Luckie

“The second week in the ADP program has been a great learning experience. We have been working on client work with our teams this week. The training we learned helped out exponentially with the tasks that were given. HTML training has been the most beneficial to me because most of the client work I have done has been updates to sites. I am very happy with the way the training is going and appreciate all the great trainers for taking the time to help us along this program. They are using valued time out of their day and for that, I thank them all. I am excited to see what roles will come in the future and look forward to the challenge.”

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