A Recap of 2015 Progress: The Fathom Gives Program

Inspiring transformation is a core value at Fathom. While this can mean inspiring transformation in our employees and clients, it also means that we strive to inspire transformation in the world around us. Seeking to positively impact our community has led to the Fathom Gives program.

Through Fathom Gives, employees are empowered to either donate $150 or 10 hours worth of time to a non-profit with a guarantee of full corporate matching. Some of the ways that Fathomers give back include cash donations, sitting on boards, pro-bono work, and volunteer time. In 2015, Fathom’s charitable contributions to the Cleveland community and beyond totaled just over $302,000.

The breakdown of Fathom’s 2015 contributions is as follows:

  • $122,000 in pro-bono work
  • $9,000 in matching contributions
  • $51,000 in corporate donations
  • $120,000 in Google Grants

While these charitable contributions went to 35 different organizations, you can find some of the individual stories of Fathom charity below.

Lifting Hopes 2015 Pump & Run

In October 2015, Fathom contributed 100 hours to the Lifting Hopes Pump & Run event. This event helped to build awareness for childhood cancer and raise money for the cause.

Junior Achievement Blitz Day

In an effort to help local students, Fathomers became teachers for a day at Campus International School. As teachers, we taught lessons, ran simulations, and played games for the benefit of Cleveland Metropolitan School District youths.

Nonprofit Marketing Summit

2015 was Fathom’s 3rd year hosting the Nonprofit Marketing Summit. This event helps local nonprofits to adopt the most profitable marketing techniques and learn about the unique opportunities for nonprofit marketing in the digital space.

Fathom is looking forward to growing the Fathom Gives program in 2016 and positively impacting our community. Find the full 2015 Fathom Gives report here.


About Victoria Grieshammer

Victoria Grieshammer is the Senior Marketing Coordinator of Content Development at Fathom. Formerly, she was the Head of Marketing on the Fathom Manufacturing team. Victoria joined Fathom as an Associate Copywriter after graduating from Allegheny College with degrees in English and Psychology. Her previous experience includes e-commerce copywriting at Little Tikes and coordinating social media campaigns for small businesses, giving her a varied background in digital marketing. You can also find her on Twitter at @Vgrieshammer1.

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