19 Reasons Why I Love My Job at Fathom

I wasn’t fresh out of college when I arrived at Fathom. In fact, I was the quintessential job hopper. Between college graduation and accepting a position at Fathom, four years and seven different gigs had come to pass. I even bounced around Southern California before making my way back home to Northeast Ohio.

I had experienced a wide range of company cultures, procedures, and dynamics, but none quite like Fathom. I finally landed at the place and in the position I’d been feverishly searching for.

So, why Fathom? Here are nineteen reasons why:

  1. Every day is bring your dog to work day.

While I’m partial to cats, I do enjoy Fathom’s dog-friendly culture. Seeing furry friends roam the halls is always a good mood maker.

  1. My stomach stays full.

When it comes to food, Fathom spoils us. Lunch meetings are almost always catered (and there are a lot of them), team happy hours are usually paid for, the coffee and tea supply is endless, and you never know when you’ll find tasty treats around the office.

  1. My yoga classes are paid for.

Fathom supports healthy lifestyles by providing wellness dollars that employees can use toward gym memberships, exercise classes, workout equipment, and much more…

  1. An office gym is provided.

…and, for those like me who don’t want to commit to a gym membership, there’s an employee gym just down the hall – complete with treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, and showers.

  1. Fathom is located across the street from the Towpath Trail.

It’s the perfect place to take a break and get some fresh air.

  1. Fathom gives back.

A dedicated group leads the Fathom Gives cell and announces several volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Depending on how much one participates, extra PTO days are granted.

  1. Learning comes standard.

Digital marketing is anything but stagnant. To remain experts in our field and deliver unrecognized needs to our clients, staying on top of industry trends, investing in professional development, and sharing knowledge across the company is paramount – and everyone’s responsibility.

  1. Mistakes are really opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong, making a mistake is never fun, but at Fathom, it’s about what you learn from your mistakes and how you use them to fuel better work, create more opportunities, and find success.

  1. The mentorship is unprecedented.

Support is found in every direction at Fathom. My colleagues – regardless of background, title, or experience – encourage me, inspire me, guide me, and challenge me to be my absolute best.

  1. Everyone’s opinion matters.

Taking initiative, being assertive, and expressing your opinion matters here. Fathom is a culture of collaboration and everyone’s voice is valued.

  1. Risk-taking is supported.

Bottom line, Fathom understands that playing it safe never got anyone too far.

  1. Sincere happiness and interest in my personal life is expressed.

We’re a social bunch and we get to know each other on a personal level. When something happens – good or bad – in my personal life, my colleagues genuinely care.

  1. Freedom and flexibility are major perks.

With generous work from home privileges, the flexibility to go on a run mid-day, or the freedom to go to a café for a change of scenery, Fathom supports the times and places we produce our best work.

  1. Small successes are acknowledged.

It’s about the journey at Fathom, meaning efforts and successes – no matter how small – are celebrated.

  1. Gratitude runs deep.

I can’t remember a day where I didn’t feel valued and appreciated at Fathom.

  1. I am a part of a greater purpose.

We work really hard to produce results that matter, to contribute value, and to make a difference in the lives of people and the organizations we work with.

  1. Fathom is rooted in core values.

Our four core values – Everyone a Leader, Be the Consigliere, Make Order from Chaos, and The Gun Will Be There – define our character as an organization.

  1. I am empowered to grow according to my goals.

There’s no corporate ladder to climb here, only an abundance of opportunities that are ripe for the taking. At Fathom, it’s about unleashing your talents and strengths, taking initiative and ownership, and charting your own path of success.

  1. The people. Always the people.

I came to this company with a tenacious spirit and a ridiculous excitement to plant some roots and grow my career. From day one, I was overwhelmed with the support and brilliance I found within Fathom, for it’s the people I have the profound privilege of working with that are making such an impact on my career and life.

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  • kevin herendeen says:

    Well said Morgan. I feel the same way about what you listed above and agree that the people are reason #1. This makes me smile. 🙂

    Kevin Herendeen

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