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Which 50%? How To Hold ALL Your Marketing Dollars Accountable

By | June 20, 2012

At Fathom, we believe all investments in marketing and advertising should be held highly accountable. There’s a right time and place to spend each and every dollar. I used to have an office in the Wanamaker building in New York at 770 Broadway, so excuse me if I don’t evoke the famous 50% claim of the department store merchant it’s named after. I find the quote a bit overused and out of date.

The ultimate marketing goal
The goal of marketing has always been to generate sales-ready leads. Technology has evolved the art of marketing to a science with intense statistical rigor. Companies and brands can now apply this rigor to effectively develop, manage and refine their inbound, outbound, and nurturing strategies to drive profitable revenue.  Even better, the classic segmentation and targeting techniques are now much more responsive and agile due to the constant flow of digital signals back into the model.

After many years of providing analytically rigorous, best-in-class SEO, PPC, social and email marketing services at Fathom, we’re proud to take it to the next level with a new digital messaging and analytics solution we call “Actify.”

Actify enables Fathom to drive move effective conversions and continuously refine our clients’ inbound marketing and nurturing strategies with data-driven insights from an advanced analytics platform. Perhaps ironically, as my colleague Bill likes to say, “We take the sexy out of marketing.” (Sorry, Justin Timberlake.)


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About Jeff L. Herrmann

Jeff L. Herrmann is the Chief Revenue Officer at Fathom. He’s a 15-year veteran of the Nielsen Company, where he served as Senior VP of Digital Solutions, working with clients ranging from large-cap Fortune 100 companies to start-ups seeking funding. Regarded as an industry expert on the digital media ecosystem, Jeff has presented at conferences across the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan in the past decade.


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