What’s Your Brand?

Every successful marketing or public relations practitioner understands the importance of researching, creating and implementing a successful brand.  It’s part of your job to discover what that brand should be, and how to make it appealing, targeted and ultimately, drive revenue for a company.

Take a minute to consider your personal brand.  How much effort do you put in to developing or monitoring your own brand?  Of course, this isn’t something we often think about it, but its importance is immeasurable.  If you are not proactively representing your skills, personality and work ethic, who will?

In the past few weeks, I’ve cast my attention on personal brands.  I’ve noticed the various outlets professionals use to showcase themselves, as well as the way their brand is received by their audience. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of professionals seem to “toot their own horn.”  I’ve always believed that if you’re the one doing your own bragging, you aren’t that big of a deal.  If I hear about the moves you’re making from others, or I see it for myself, I’m thoroughly impressed.  The bottom line is that creating your brand has to be strategic; you can’t just brag about how sweet you are to everyone you meet.

So, by doing great work, networking in your industry (and not just with the “right” people, but all people), and building strong, lasting relationships with clients and co-workers, will your brand build itself?  Not necessarily.  However, consistency, a confident presence, recognizing what you do not know, and the ability to adapt in a constantly changing industry are tools that will leave you standing in the spotlight.

Don’t get carried away with earning recognition; get carried away with how people perceive you.  Eventually, you will be noticed for the work, but in the meantime, focus on fulfilling the brand you want to be portraying.  There are plenty of marketing and public relations professionals out there- all chasing that paper.  Why is your brand different; what’s your story; how do you stand out in the crowd (without shouting your own praises)? 

Today, think about your personal brand, and take a few minutes to develop that image before you crack in to that client proposal.

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