Valuing the Value Proposition for Positive Branding

Oftentimes when a new client comes to Fathom, we quickly realize that it doesn’t know what is special about its products or services. Certainly the client believes in the wares it offers, but really can’t explain why consumers should buy from it instead of from a competitor. It thus becomes part of our Internet marketing campaign to help these clients hone their “elevator pitches”—what is now often referred to as their value proposition.

It seems the old world of advertising and marketing and the new world of holistic online marketing are not so much colliding but rather moving in synchronous orbits together at times, and the branding strategy of the value proposition is definitely one of those occasions. Helping a client to discover and then to present a value proposition gives us a chance to truly empower a client with a multi-faceted tool, as the value proposition can be used in slogans and mottos, on printed collateral materials by salespeople, and liberally all over a company website for branding initiatives.

The value proposition as presented in the interesting marketing fable, Roar!,* offers a solution for a painful situation—a solution that can be solved uniquely and best by the company presenting the value proposition and by its products or services. A few handy tips towards discovering and creating that value proposition include:

  • Creating a 160-character-or-less statement explaining who the brand is, sans marketing jargon
  • Listing the 3 greatest strengths/weaknesses of the brand
  • Discovering what makes the brand stand out or appear different from competitor versions
  • Understanding what value the brand brings to consumers
  • Assessing why customers buy the brand the very first time

These and more, when applied objectively to a brand under observation, can help marketeers to fathom exactly what it is about a brand that makes that brand “pop, ” and can help the brand to become more popular.

Socrates said it best when he said that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” That ethic applies to branding as well, and Fathom proudly helps our clients to do just that – examine their brands and present them for their validity and necessity to their clients around the world.

*[Ed. note: In the interests of full disclosure, the author of Roar!, Kevin Daum, once served as a consultant for Fathom.]

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