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In the last year Fathom has been dedicated to further educating our internal team and clients about the tremendous synergy that can happen when all online marketing efforts come together to generate revenue. From SEO to Video, and everything in between, we have seen great success when our individual service offerings overlap and intersect to support our clients’ business objectives to generate a favorable return on their investment (ROI).

I have used the graphic below for some internal training presentations and wanted to share it here to illustrate how simple holistic online marketing is and how all components can work together to generate revenue.

Holistic Online Marketing Infographic

The driving force behind all online marketing efforts is the website. The website conveys a message, solves problems and gets an audience to take action in some way, shape, or form. Keywords help build a strong foundation for the website. Whether they are branded, non-branded, or both – the content needs to support these keywords and build strong themes that get noticed by search engines and people looking for the website. The website and supporting content needs to be usable and provide an excellent experience for the end user.

When a website is structured to accommodate the four key areas of online marketing (Organic, Paid, Email, and Video) it is in a great position for success. There are other components that fall into these key areas including (social, public relations, link building, local, and mobile). Naturally the Organic area encompasses many components and allows for many touch points of improving the website, so I will consider it a crucial area that drives long term success. After all, if your website can’t be crawled by engines, how will users find it from keyword searches, and how will your videos be seen, or your e-newsletter subscribed to, etc., etc.

No matter what areas you are focused in, they need to work in tandem to get visitors to the site with the intention of converting them. If you play your cards right and optimize all of these areas for keywords that cater to your audience your visibility will naturally increase across the web. Increased visibility supports quality traffic that can persuade the visitor to take action and produce revenue for the website. When we measure all of these combined efforts we can clearly see how they impact ROI. Is that a simple enough example?

It is simple in theory, however many online marketing professionals know how difficult it can be to achieve these results… especially if they have worked with a lesser known brand in a highly competitive space. That is the true test of grit and determination. Cooperation and commitment are also major factors on how successful a campaign will be. The key to holistic online marketing success is establishing realistic goals supported by a sound strategic game plan. The perseverance to carry out all efforts (or tasks) to get results (while producing a return) can be daunting at times, but is definitely attainable. One great aspect of online marketing is the quick turnaround to keep things on track. If a strategy doesn’t work out, there is the opportunity to review the measurements, and adjust accordingly. At Fathom we are continually measuring, analyzing the results, and adjusting strategy to keep results going in the right direction.

In the coming weeks I’ll be providing insight on how the key areas of online marketing work together to produce results. I welcome any comments, additional strategies or success stories about your experiences with holistic online marketing campaigns!

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  • PJ Rosenberg says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It always amazes me how most people miss the simple concepts you described. I was talking to one of the webmasters at and they told me that for small businesses starting on the Web, Internet Marketing is a must for raising customer awareness and ultimately driving sales, and a balanced approach to Internet marketing which is comprised of two concepts; a Long Term Strategy (SEO) and a Short Term Strategy (SEM) is required for a business to succeed. Anyways, I look forward to your other blog posts.

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