Hansel Hot: Holistic Online Marketing

Holistic online marketing is hot right now. We are talking Hansel hot. So hot it deserves a cool metaphor… holistic online marketing is hotter than the pistons in an F1 racer’s engine. All the pistons, or online channels, need to be working together in order to reach maximum potential. Because car metaphors are so very cliché, I have provided an additional metaphor featuring a boat.

Conducting a holistic online marketing campaign is like captaining a crew team’s race where the finish line is profit and revenue. To reach the finish line before competitors, all the rowing positions, or online channels, need to be working together in unison, leveraging each others’ strengths. A coxswain (online marketing strategist) is needed to keep order and make tactical decisions.

4 examples of your online marketing channels cooperating in harmony:

  • Facebook ads targeting your exact demographic test new offers for your website’s other paid and display advertising
  • Keyword conversion data being shared between your paid and organic campaigns
  • Email nurturing and converting a segmented database created through organic and paid efforts
  • Facebook and Twitter growing relationships with existing customers that creates an evangelistic base, in turn attracting more potential buyers

Are you pulling ahead of your competitors or are you falling behind?

If your online marketing channels lack interdependence and/or you are rudderless, you are most certainly falling behind. However, it is never too late to bring in a new coxswain and get your crew paddling toward victory.

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