Four Tips to Start an Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re interested in increasing your firm’s visibility and brand recognition, growing your client base or creating meaningful marketing differentiation, the most important point to consider is spending money on marketing that you can measure.

Many firms frequently use television advertising and press releases. While these might be good marketing tactics, how can you know for sure? After you’ve spent $15,000 on them, can you measure whether these tactics have generated any quality leads or other results? The answer is usually no.

So, why not pursue marketing that is measurable? Consider digital marketing and what it can do for your firm. For example, if you publish a blog, you can see how many people visited and the time they spent there. If you take out a banner ad, you can track how many people viewed it or clicked on it. And, you can learn from this data where your quality leads are coming from and how you should redirect your marketing efforts.

The following four tips can get you started in creating an effective digital strategy.

  1. Encourage attorney participation. They are the knowledge experts who can create some of the most valuable content for your law firm’s marketing plan.
  1. Build client personas. Learn about your clients and their needs. Then, when it comes time to create a content strategy for your digital marketing, you can be sure that the content is targeted to your ideal audience and answers all of your client personas’ questions.
  1. Create quality attorney bios. Potential clients usually search for attorneys, not firms. So, a big part of your digital strategy should focus on helping potential clients get to know your attorneys. Make these bios personable, and for an even greater impact, try using video.
  1. Don’t miss out on social media opportunities. Of the most important factors considered when potential clients are searching for an attorney, recommendations make up 17 percent. Provide your current clients with the right digital platforms to recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.

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