Tying Digital Student Recruitment to Your SRM

The world of student recruitment is changing. In order to compete and win in the student recruitment race colleges and universities must find new and innovative ways of recruiting more ideal candidates. The best recruiters use the power of digital student recruitment to drive the ideal student body mix, with target enrollment numbers and improved discount rates. How are they doing it?

They’re tying sophisticated digital student recruitment to SRM, also known as student relationship management.

Imagine one system that:

  • Houses all your potential student inquiries.
  • Forecasts for you how many students will enroll in the entire university, each college, and each degree program, in total.
  • Sorts prospective students by ethnicity, GPA, test scores, location and every key performance indicator that’s important to you and your university.
  • Tells you which forms of marketing and student recruitment are working best based on cost per enrollment and yield rate.
  • Shows which students currently enrolled are at risk of dropping out.
  • Identifies which form of student recruitment led that at-risk student to enroll in the first place.

Armed with this data, you can proactively solve problems before they become problems, create opportunities that would otherwise not exist, and transform how your university works.

The colleges and universities that are best at student recruitment and retention use these tools. They use a gratis license from Salesforce  that’s available to non-profit colleges and universities. Salesforce is a strong student relationship management expert, and a closely tracked digital marketing strategy. It can tell you how your prospective students become leads and enroll in your school – down to the individual search keyword, email campaign, or advertising campaign.

Schools use this strategy today to hit enrollment goals, maximize student diversity, and increase the caliber of the university. Your prospective students need it, too. Where are you now and how will you get there?

Use the comments to ask your questions about SRM, Salesforce, and digital student recruitment.

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