7 Digital Marketing Quotes from Industry Leaders to Inspire Your 2014


As a digital marketing agency that gets around, we’ve been lucky enough to chat with some of the leaders in SEO, content marketing and social media. Our Director of Business Development, Brad Miller, sat down with Guy Kawasaki, Rand Fishkin and Joe Pulizzi in the latter half of 2013 to discuss the future of the ever-evolving digital marketing industry.

We wanted to share our key takeaway quotes (and predictions) to inspire your digital marketing in the New Year.

Search Engine Optimization

“There’s just so many aspects of SEO that you still need to be thinking about consciously and layering on top of all these other [marketing] things.”

-Rand Fishkin (Tweet this quote!)


“Link earning is going to replace link building.”

-Rand Fishkin (Tweet this quote!)

Content Marketing

“…to grow our business the way we want to grow it, [we need to ask ourselves] what content niche can we be the leading expert in the world?”

–Joe Pulizzi (Tweet this quote!)

“If something is absolutely fantastic, keep it on your site, because you want to build up that brand recognition over time. You want to become that big megaphone. And the only way is to start with a tiny, tiny little megaphone.”

–Rand Fishkin (Tweet this quote!)

Social Media

“Our goal is… to make our customers into fans.”

-Guy Kawasaki on his resignation letter from Apple in 1987. (Tweet this quote!)

“I would get on Google+, I would start posting stories to show you’re an expert in that niche or genre.”

–Guy Kawsaki on getting started with social media (Tweet this quote!)

You can watch (and read) the entire interviews here.

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