Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 3.26.15

Welcome to the weekly Consumer Brand pulse, where we keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of SEO! Our goal is to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure we are constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. Whether it’s teaching you about mobile friendly algorithms or Google pushing GYBO, a major effort to get local businesses online, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks of what you need to know this week:

The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over the Course of a Week

Google explained that it will start rolling out the mobile-friendly algorithm update on April 21st, but it also may take a few days to a week to fully roll out and be noticeable to all global mobile searchers.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm is On or Off

Google confirmed the mobile-friendly algorithm being released on April 21st is a yes-or-no/on-or-off factor.

Google Adds Subdomain Support to Change of Address Tool in Google Webmaster Tools

You can now communicate to Google when your subdomain moves to a new domain.

Google to Launch New Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm

Google announced it is releasing a new “ranking adjustment” to its doorway page classifier to better handle doorway pages in the search results.

In short, Google does not want to rank doorway pages in its search results. The purpose behind many of these doorway pages is to maximize their search footprint by creating pages both externally on the web or internally on their existing web site, with the goal of ranking multiple pages in the search results, all leading to the same destination.

Google Launches (GYBO) Major Push to Get Local Businesses Online

Google is introducing a program it’s calling Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map. This new portal (Get Your Business Online) offers resources to business owners (and potential partners) to help them get online or correct and complete their online presences.

Each user who visits will see a localized version of the site (based on IP detection). In addition to various FAQs, videos and other information, Google invites business owners to search for themselves and then tells them whether their listings are present and complete. If “incomplete,” it asks businesses to update their information.

Be on the lookout for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm rolling out in April and know your status. It is now easier than ever to let Google know when your subdomain moves to a new domain. Google is no longer interested in ranking doorway pages in its search results and will now be helping local businesses improve their online presence. That concludes your weekly pulse. Thanks for connecting with us!

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