Fathom Partners with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. for Digital Marketing 101 Guide for Hospitals

Castle Connolly GuideIt generally starts with a symptom—a sore throat, a throbbing ache, a slight fever. That’s all it takes for a patient to begin thejourney to self-diagnosis. Often referred to as “Dr. Google,” the way patients seek the answer to the question “What’s wrong with me?” has changed drastically. Patients are no longer just seeking their doctors for medical advice—they’re asking their friends, their family, and the never-ending wealth of information that resides on the Internet.

While in some ways this can cause frustration for doctors whose patients show up to appointments ready to share what they’ve already discovered about their ailments, this move to the digital patient journey opens up a range of opportunities for hospitals to not only reach patients, but provide them with the education and resources they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Unfortunately, many hospitals don’t have a digital strategy in place that allows them to effectively and efficiently reach the patients who are looking for them. In partnership with Fathom, Castle Connolly Medial Ltd. recently released the Digital Marketing 101 Guide for Hospitals to give marketers a basic overview of digital marketing tactics and strategies.

From your hospital website, to SEO, to PPC, email and social media, today’s marketers need to take a holistic approach to their strategy. Download Castle Connolly’s free Digital Marketing 101 Guide for Hospitals today to learn more about how a basic digital marketing strategy can help you acquire more leads and potentially more patients.

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