Your Crash Course on Buyer Personas

In today’s competitive buyer-driven business world, it’s more important than ever to really understand your customers at a deeper level. That’s where buyer personas come in handy. But do you know what buyer personas are or how you can use them? And do you know why they’re important to incorporate into your online marketing efforts?

What is a buyer persona?

Not to be confused with a target market, a buyer persona is a group of people within a target market who share common demographics, problems, desires, motivations, goals and needs. Personas go beyond the basic demographics and help you get personal with customers.

Why are buyer personas important?

Personas help you develop and market content to someone rather than to everyone. Why is that important? Creating a piece of content that addresses the needs of everyone is difficult, if not impossible. While it might work in some instances, in most cases you won’t truly be able to connect, build trust and influence anyone if you’re writing for everyone. You need to be able to address specific needs of specific types of people individually.

How do you develop personas?

There are many different ways to develop personas and at Fathom, we’ve been developing personas based on four buying personalities: Methodical, Competitive, Spontaneous and Humanistic. No matter how you decide go about this, you’ll need to understand what each personas goals are when they come to your website, what they’re influenced by, what motivates them, as well as basic demographic information to help you visualize this person.

What do you do with personas?

Now that you’ve developed your personas, what are you supposed to do with them? Pretty much everything! Everything about your online marketing efforts can be tied to personas. Website content, social media outreach, calls to action, pay per click campaigns, email campaigns, video marketing, and more, can all use the help of personas.  With the right buyer personas identified, you can develop the targeted messages needed to help your business succeed.

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