Why Your Calls-to-Action Aren’t Working

How important are calls-to-action? Your calls-to-action create a link between your incoming traffic and your opportunities to convert these visitors into leads. Creating effective CTAs is vital to maximizing your conversions.

While that might seem intimidating, it’s not difficult to enhance your CTAs to suit your goals and audience. Follow some of our best practices below to make sure your effective content marketing is followed up with equally as effective calls-to-action.

Use Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are one easy and effective way to draw attention to your main CTAs. The trick is to ensure they still coordinate with

the major color scheme of your website, while standing out from the other elements on your page.

It also doesn’t hurt to place your colorful calls-to-action on the left hand side of your pages, since the majority of visitors read left to right.

Offer an Incentive

How can you expect visitors to take the next step if they have no reason to? You must give your website visitors an incentive for clicking on your CTAs. If you want someone to download your whitepaper, you should offer them bonus content or some other exclusive offer that will encourage them to take action.

Create a Sense of Direction

Have you ever noticed the CTAs that really draw your attention all have something in common? They have arrows pointing at them. Just adding this simple visual element can help guide your visitors to the most important elements on your pages. This includes your content. Use arrows to draw attention to videos, important information or your CTAs.

 Have Strong Content

You can follow every best practice in the world, if your calls-to-action are placed at the bottom of pages with horrible content marketing, you’re not going to get conversions. Create content that people want to read, watch and share. This will make them more likely to connect with your brand and click on your CTAs.

You worked hard to provide your audience with tailored content, don’t lose them with poor calls-to-action. Understand your goals, follow these best practices and perform A/B testing.

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