Why We CRO (Conversion Rate Optimize) for SEO

Long gone are the days of online marketing campaigns that strictly revolve around keyword rankings and organic traffic – with little to no focus on conversions. Keyword ranking reports and traffic are still important indicators of success, but as we have learned, there is so much more that goes into creating and managing a successful online marketing campaign.

SEO has changed a lot in the last few years, but it is still the cornerstone to a solid foundation that helps generate revenue on the Internet. A solid SEO foundation can add a lift in performance to all other forms of marketing (paid, email, social, video, and offline).

As Fathom has evolved our SEO product into one of the most comprehensive online marketing solutions in the market, we want to take time to get you up to speed on an area we feel very strongly about; Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

We Conversion Rate Optimize client websites (existing sites and re-designs) as part of our online marketing program that reflects our brand promise – Simple, Accountable, Results That Matter


Conversion Rate Optimization requires a full team of experts to plan and implement tests that provide a boost to conversions. Conversions are top of mind for our team which includes: Senior Account Executive, Online Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Technical Marketing Specialist and Conversion Specialist. Trying to weave in CRO to your existing marketing team can be a daunting task – especially if there is no existing design, usability or technical background.

Our goal is to make this skillset simple for you, and let us do the homework and heavy lifting while proving why you partnered with us. We have proven conversion best practices and success stories in place and are constantly challenging ourselves to do more, and also utilize the best tools to help us along the way.

Our process starts with “Challenger Sale” type research and discovery. We aren’t afraid to share new insights about your business and industry as a result of our research. We then move on to developing user personas that guide our entire team with focus on increasing conversions tied to the problem-solving content, engaging social conversations, and relevant links and PR opportunities we pursue on your behalf. Our process then ends with improved conversions that affect your bottom line.


Our monthly reporting includes your standard web stats and rankings dashboard, but more importantly includes reports on all of your conversion goals and key performance indicators. We work with our clients to establish accurate lead values and determine the Return on Investment (ROI) for our efforts. If we aren’t working towards generating a positive ROI that meets your business objectives, we aren’t satisfied.

We track conversions all the way down to the keyword level and are serious about the role keywords and high quality content (that is also persuasive) play in the conversion funnel. Bottom line – all of our tactical online marketing efforts have a purpose in generating traffic, which leads into the third part of our brand promise…

Results That Matter

After we have established the overarching business goals, lead values and other key performance indicators that hold us accountable – we build quarterly plans that focus on what matters to you (visibility and revenue). Our testing methodology looks to lift conversions for your existing traffic, and the new traffic we are driving to the website. When we optimize lead capture forms and conversion funnel flow, all other forms on online marketing can benefit.

Our conversion optimization isn’t a one and done process. We take an iterative approach to improving conversion rates over time by continual testing, reviewing analytics, generating heat maps, reviewing form analytics, coordinating user testing, eye-tracking simulations, and incorporating other site feedback tools.

Getting Started with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

There are a variety of affordable testing tools to help you get serious about conversion rate optimization. A few of our favorites are Crazy Egg, Visual Website Optimizer, Google Website Optimizer, Attention Wizard, ClickTale, Userlytics, and Cacoo. Remember the tools are only as good as the operator experience behind them, and the analysis and action that spawns from their usage!

If your online marketing efforts are operated in silos by different teams that don’t have proper coordination or end results in mind, it might be worthwhile to determine what you can do better to holistically manage those efforts. Adopting a conversion and testing culture for your business takes resources, time and money. If it’s not something you can easily incorporate, look to the experts and start a dialogue on when and where conversion optimization makes sense.

Conversion Optimization Discussion

Fathom’s own Mike Perla, Director of Conversion Optimization & Creative, has coordinated a professional group dedicated to Conversion Rate Optimization. Please visit www.CROPA.net or the CROPA group on LinkedIn to learn more about the topic, join the ongoing discussion, and view archived webinars provided by industry professionals.

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