Website Speed: Fathom That, Episode 2

Welcome to the new revamped version of Fathom That?! These videos are a conversation from a number of our industry experts right here at Fathom about anything digital marketing. Fathom That episodes will be released every Thursday for your viewing pleasure.

This week, Paul Richlovsky, Fathom internal strategist, talks about the importance of website speed, and how fast your site needs to be before it starts losing visitors. He addresses different platforms like mobile, video and e-commerce and their magic number when it comes to speed and competitive advantage.

To read more about website speed, check out the articles Paul mentions:

For Impatient Web Users, an Eye Blink Is Just Too Long to Wait from The New York Times

Website Response Times from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox

Warning: Slow Mobile Site Speed Causes More than Customer Rage from Fathom’s blog

And stay tuned for next Thursday for another Fathom That?!


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About Abigail Birmingham

Abigail Birmingham is a Creative Leader for Fathom's education team specializing in video production, creative design, and content strategy. She is passionate about helping clients tell a great story and engage with their audience. She is a strong believer in the power of captivating and creative content as a driving force in an effective marketing strategy.

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