Top Five Landing Page Mistakes

Looking for a simple way to boost conversions? Make your landing page more user-friendly by avoiding the following landing page mistakes:  

Blowing the Headline

You have about a whopping two to three seconds to hook your audience and your headline is the perfect place to do it. If your headline doesn’t give your audience a reason to keep reading, they won’t. If your headline does not possess strong, attention-grabbing statements a reader will almost definitely back out from your site within the first few seconds.

Use your headline as a way to show your reader the benefits they will receive from staying on your website. When it comes to your headline you only have one chance to grab your audience, don’t blow it!

Ignoring Design Aesthetics

Avoid using outlandish colors, formatting or graphics to entice your audience to take action. Not only does it make your website look awful, it can actually make your audience doubt your credibility.

Use a consistent format throughout your website for interior pages, and create something unique for your homepage. Maintain the same font, color scheme and formatting, but change little things to make it stand out as the most important page on your site.

Content Buried Below the Fold

Always assume your audience is in a hurry. They will not dig through your homepage to find the relevant information, if they don’t see it immediately, they will move on.

Always, always, always place your most important information above the fold. Most of your readers will never get any farther then what they initially see, so make it compelling. Use your most enticing headline, your best call to action and of course well-written copy that is easy to read and showcases your benefits.                                                     

Difficult to Scan Copy

If your information is presented in a way that is difficult for a reader to quickly scan, they will move on. People will not waste any more time on your site than they have to, and if you make things difficult for them, they will probably leave.

The best way to create easy-to-scan copy on your landing page is to format it in an F-shaped pattern. By including short paragraphs, bullets, lists, sub-headings and bolded information, readers will quickly find exactly what they want to know.

Nothing to Build Trust

Another common mistake is neglecting to build trust with your audience. If your landing page does not build trust with your audience, they will not commit to anything you have to offer.

If your website involves e-Commerce, it is essential to build trust. Online shoppers are weary about putting their information on the Web, especially if they have never heard of your business. By featuring customer testimonials, return policies and security icons, you can give your audience confidence in your business. 

Make your website as user-friendly as you can. Not only will it help keep your audience on your site longer, it will actually help increase your conversions.

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