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With just one form field change, Fathom’s talented conversion rate optimization (CRO) team was able to increase leads 70% for one of our clients. This simple A/B test case study was selected as a great example of conversion optimization by Which Test Won and featured on their homepage this week. WhichTestWon is a resource for those interested in CRO, in particular A/B and multivariate testing. They show weekly stats from various A/B tests, providing evidence of good design decisions.

In this test for Gemm Learning, there is only one form field change: the ‘Should We Call You’ option. Fathom had a run a series of tests for this page and in this particular test, the field was not required, however the phone number was required. Our CRO experts found that by adding the extra ‘Should We Call You’ form field allowed for unnecessary friction for the person filling it out.

Kyle Curley, who worked on the form, has this advice on how to increase conversions:

This is a super-simple test, but its simplicity speaks volumes!  Knowing is always better than hoping, and A/B tests are the best way to know what’s going on with your online forms.”

He also has some basic tips for conversion optimization:

  • Reduce the number of form fields to as few as possible to mitigate what we in CRO call ‘user friction.’  The more info you ask for, the more friction the user may experience.  This inhibits conversion rate lifts.
  • Add ‘Trust Logos’ to the form page, such as Better Business Bureau logo (linked directly to your BBB page if you have one), recognizable industry accreditations &/or recognizable client/customer logos (by permission)
  • Make sure the submit button, which we refer to as the primary ‘Call To Action’ (CTA), is placed above the fold (600 px) so users do not have to scroll down to click.
  • ’Submit’ is a bad word for conversion.  Use more positive statements like, ‘Purchase Now,’ ‘Get Free Quote,’ ‘Send Info Request,’ or ‘Sign Me Up.’

Previously this year, Fathom had done similar tests with Gemm Learning and received a place in the Which Test Won Hall of Fame. For more information on this popular resource for conversion testing aficionados, visit Which Test Won and make sure you vote and participate in the discussion on these weekly tests!

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