Reflections on the Healthcare Patient Experience

Larry Freed, President of ForeSee, kicked off the 2013 Greystone Healthcare Internet Conference with an important presentation on the state of the online healthcare experience. Much of it focused on the multiple channels that patients now use. Interestingly, in the coming months, Google Analytics will offer a groundbreaking feature that will let you track your patients across their various devices. Patients will be looking for different things on different channels – quick-hitting tidbits on their cellphones, deep articles on their desktops – so be sure to offer what they’re looking for, where and when they want it.

Mr. Freed also reinforced that your patients’ expectations are rising every day, as they experience amazing websites from the for-profit sector. While it isn’t fair – those for-profit companies have far more resources than your hospital’s small digital team! – consumers are expecting the personalization of, the richness and nuance of the New York Times, and the ease-of-use of the main homepage. You can’t keep delivering the same thing in 2014 that you did in 2013, because you will disappoint your patients.

Need some numbers to prove the value of a good patient experience? According to Foresee, highly satisfied customers are 100% more likely to return to the website, and 145% more likely to recommend the website, and 141% more likely to use your website as a trusted resource. Moreover, Foresee claims to have a statistic that is 270 times more powerful than the Net Promoter Score any healthcare marketer is familiar with; I’m excited to learn more.

The second presentation of the day was Dr. Natasha Berger speaking on social media in healthcare, and all the notes are here.


For more illustrations on how patients use social media and search, check out our webinar on The 2014 Digital Patient Journey on Tuesday, March 25th at 2 pm.

Patient Journey Webinar

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